Vedic Mathematics VS Traditional Methods

Vedic Mathematics makes mathematics more easy and fun to learn compared to the traditional methods we learn and use in our life. The traditional methods are more complex and difficult to use and apply and thus most of us starts hating Maths. With this methods and tricks, You can solve difficult maths calculations, mentally and instantantly figure out the right answer to the sum, which you were used to calculate with paper or a calculator. You will find that soon you'll start using this methods in your general life and make its Optimum use. I have tried to make all the illustrations easy to understand with help of examples and some self-exercise too..
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Easy Multiplication of a number with 5

It may be difficult for you to multiply a number with 5 , specialy larger numbers like "34638445" , "43574683", or even more larger than this. But after you learn this technique, you can even multiply larger numbers than the above mentioned numbers.
Here is how you should go:
Suppose, You want to multiply 264 with 5, then..

write or imagine mentally:

 [ Note: We have replaced the value of "5" with "10/2" ]
=>2640 / 2= 1320 [ You can mentally divide any number with 2, just move from lefthandside first number to righthandside last number, in this example, we should take "2" as the first number , as "2640" is what we have to divide with 2, so start dividing the numbers mentally, start putting the final answer in our mind, like in this example, start dividing "2" ,"6","4" and "0" with 2, and write or imagine the final answer as 1320. ]

If you still didn't get this principle, for You I am putting more examples for you to cover any aspect that is possible.
More Examples :-

563254 x 5 = 563254 x ( 10/2 ) = 5632540 / 2 = 2816270 (final answer)
You can do this mentally in one step once you master the practise.
In this example, you can directly imagine a zero in the end of the number which you want to multiply 5 with ( This is because, when you multiply any number with 10, the number remains the same and gets an additional zero at the end of the number, for example 1265 x 10 = 12650 , 2485x 10 = 24850 and "M" x 10 = M10 , where M can be any digit or number ), and then you can divide it by 2 in your head mentally or even write at a paper , whichever you feel comfortable with.
The process is the same for multiplying any bigger numbers with 5.
Self-Exercises :-
a) 48662 x 5 = ?
b) 1548994 x 5 = ?
c) 3397551 x 5 = ?

If You still have any doubt, be free to leave a comment here with your name and email id, I'll contact You soon.

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